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Blue Heron Brand
Portunus trituberculatus


Blue Heron Crab Meat Pasteurized Grades Blue Heron Special Blue Heron Claw Blue Heron Super Lump Blue Heron Jumbo Lump

Fresh Pasteurized Swimming Crab Meat

An Excellent, Lower Cost Alternative to Blue Swiming Crab and Superior Quality to Chinese Swimming Crab Meat

Availalable in Jumbo Lump, Super Lump, Special and Claw, this Crab Meat lends itself very well to any application where Blue Swimming Crab Meat is used.

Blue Heron Crab Meat possesses a smooth, moist texture that combined with its exceptionally sweet flavor make it an excellent alternative to other higher priced meats.

This crab is also known for its relatively large size providing for good size Jumbo Lump and Super Lump compared to the typical Chinese Red Swimming Crab.


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