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Heron Point Crab Diagram

tHeron Point Crab Diagram Fresh Pasteurized Crab Meate
Colossal Colossal

Colossal is jumbo lump meat from the largest crabs.

J – Jumbo Lump Jumbo Lump

There are two pieces of jumbo lump meat in each crab which come from the large muscles associated with the swimmer legs.

SL – Super Lump Super Lump

Lump meat consists of the large flakes of white meat from the body muscles of each claw.

Backfin Backfin Backfin is a combination of lump meat and special meat.
S-Special Special Special is all the small pieces of white meat from the body of the crab.         
C – Claw Claw

Claw meat is the dark meat from the claws and legs.

Cocktail Claw Cocktail Claw Claw of crab with the cap removed.

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